Saturday, March 13, 2010

Letting Go of the Anger

Just about every week, my ex manages to do something that makes me grind my teeth.  It ranges from bugging me via text about something he should just *call* me about - to forgetting to pay car registration renewal and poor teenager is stuck with a fix-it ticket (Oh, and guess who will be paying for the tags? Yep - me). 

What I've tried to remember to do when I feel that familar rush of loathing is to just "let go".  Yes, I'll bitch and moan about it for a little bit, just to get it out of my system but holding on to it 1) doesn't change anything and 2) isn't healthy for me.  There's power in refusing to let someone's action (or lack of action!!) determine your mood. 

There's only one person who I can control, who has the ability to make me happy... I look at her every morning in the mirror. 

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