Friday, September 3, 2010

A Girl Can Dream, Can't She?

I mentioned in a previous post how my dream pre-marriage, kids, work, etc was to live in a big city.  Well, I spent the last three days in San Francisco for a tech conference and had such an enjoyable time and all those yearning came rushing back. I just love the VIBE of San Francisco. It's such an eclectic city, a mixture of cultures and styles - how can you not just want to immerse yourself in it?

My friend and I were walking down Market and I quipped that if I ran away to the big city, would she make sure my kids were fed?  She laughed and agreed that San Fran was great city - until the next big earthquake hits and everything is in the Bay.  I thought about that - about trade-offs people make to live where they do, work where they do. Costs, convenience, etc. It was just so obvious to me that living in this city was worth the risk. Why? Because you'd be LIVING, not just existing.  Not just in a holding pattern.  Would l rather have five years of life in San Fran vs. thirty in a quiet, little Central Valley hamlet? In a heartbeat, friend!

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