Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Facing the Future...

Ok, ok...bad pun! :) I have been getting a lot of compliments on my skin/makeup lately which is very unusual so I thought I would share what I have been doing differently.  Now, I have super-sensitive skin so modifying my care routine was something that I was very resistant to doing for a long time.  I've had extremly bad reactions to the "product-of-the-moment" before and as a result, stuck with just two products: Cetaphil Cleanser and Neutrogena Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin.

Then on a trip to see my dear friend in Texas, I tagged along when she went to Neiman's to refill her products.  I can tell you honestly, those makeup counters at places like Neiman's, Macy's and the like have ALWAYS intimidated me.  #1) The stuff is expensive.  #2) The ladies behind the counter either are impossibly gorgeous or look like the casting call for Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?  #3) How do you figure out what to use?

Going from drugstore products and prices to department store is not easy.  Ask my kids - I'm tight with my money and I'm a stickler for value.  Lucky for me, my Texas Twin took me under her wing.  When you have a friend whose opinion you can trust, it makes a huge difference. Plus she knows how to WORK the ladies behind the counter!!  I walked away with a box full of samples and one key product: Dior Capture Totale (gulp, $125!).  This held all the possibility of being a very expensive mistake...

For three months I religiously used the Capture Totale cream, at morning and night in place of the Neutrogena.  I was very happy that I did not experience any breakouts or reactions with the switch.  When I returned to Texas for my next visit, my friend made a comment about my skin.  I hadn't changed anything except my moisturizer.  When we returned the department store to replenish my supply I was given samples of One Essential Super Serum and Capture Totale Eye Crème as part of a kit.  I kept hearing about sticking with the same skin-care line so the products can work together.  I always poo-poo'd that as a false selling point, but I'm a total convert now.  I added the toner to my routine and my skin has never looked or felt better.

Wait - I almost forgot a key component: my new Clarisonic Mia that I purchased from Sephora.  My Texas Twin had extolled its virtues on my visit, and since she hadn't steered me wrong so far, I was willing to give it a shot (plus I had a 20% off coupon and the assurance of a good return policy!!).  Oh. My. God.  What a difference this has made to my skin!! I'm still using my trusty ol' Cetaphil cleanser, but the Mia is exfoliating and making that cleanser work so much better!! When I rinse off with water, my skin is silky smooth. Often, I can now just do some eye makeup and skip the foundation (see pic right.  Ok, that is with a Hawaiian tan, but I'm actually eager for it to fade now!)

Bottom line... yes, it's a splurge, but I've gotten past the guilt of making myself feel/look better.  I'm pushing 40 and I've only got so much to work with :)  I spent *years* denying myself simple pleasures because I felt I had to put everyone and everything else first or I was at the best vain - at the worst a bad person.  I'm not the only woman that does that.  In fact, those of us that do are probably in the majority.  I'm not saying we should go blow a bunch of money on something unneeded, but I hope we don't forget to treat ourselves now and then.  We ARE worth it.


LSMAXX said...

It's so true that we tend to deny ourselves things yet, at the same time, still try to live up to the images thrown at us from the magazines, ads and media. It's a no win situation...and can be devastating to one's self-esteem. So, it is wonderful that you can share a few products that can help us stay *naturally beautiful*!!

melodramaticfool said...

Hip Hip HOORAY!!!!! It means a lot to me that you call me your Texas Twin, and I am honored that you value my opinion with something as precious as your skin! ;) This is precisely why 40 is the new 30. Let's make it work, girl!

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