Monday, April 18, 2011

More Than 1/2 Full

 I had quite the busy weekend the past week: a Rotary Club Poker Tournament (yes, I play and I'm quite good at it!) Friday night, a visit to Napa with my wingwoman Saturday, and I took the Princess to dim sum in San Francisco on Sunday. 

While I didn't finish in the money in the tournament, I had a good time and was in the top 25 (out of 150!). It's funny - I learn a lot about people playing poker and even more about myself.  One of the guys at the original table was an insufferable little brat. He had his iPhone out with headset in.  Yakkity yak constantly.  Didn't follow established poker etiquette.  I realized early on that he did that to upset people, to throw their game off.  When I started ignoring his antics, my game got better. A lesson to remember in other areas of my life, for sure!  It also helped that I knocked him out two, when he had an Ace-King and I had an Ace-Seven... flopped showed two aces and I was all in and he decided to call my bluff.  He was already counting his winnings when the River card flopped and it was: a seven.  Full house!  Sometimes it's fun to make the boys cry..  :)

Dean & DeLuca's - St. Helena, Napa
  Saturday, Penny and I took a road-trip to Napa to a release party for one of our wineries.  It's not something I've ever done before, but because I'm now a wine club member there, I thought - why not? We had a fun time and visited another winery down the road as well as Dean & DeLuca's (see pic, yummmm!) and Oxbow Market in Napa itself.  Lots of delicious eats without having to suffer through a long wait for a restaurant table!

I may have mentioned this a while back, but I suffer from insomnia at times.  Usually meaning a hard time falling asleep and waking up at 3:30-4:00 AM with no chance of dozing off again.  Happened Sunday morning, but I used it to my advantage to get some work done and plan an impromptu visit to San Francisco to sit in this: (I'm such a geek!!)

It's good to be the Queen...
The Iron Throne - a replica from the HBO series that is based on my FAVORITE fantasy novels by George R.R. Martin.  I took the Princess (my daughter) to dim sum at Yank Sing, and afterwards visited this at Yerba Buena Gardens.  I promised her we'd get some shopping in and we hit Westfield in SOMA and what was great is that there's a BART station *right* there so we were able to hop on and ride the train back to Pleasanton.  So nice not to have to drive all the way there and back!  I would love to live in a city that had a reasonable, clean, safe public transportation system!  Someday...